We are pleased to announce that PhotonHosting will reimburse COVID-19 vaccination charges for all clients & resellers having active annual subscription ( or one who upgrade before 15th May, 2021 is also eligible) .
It will cover you, your spouse and upto 2 children .

Vaccination Reimburse Terms :

  1. You should have an active annual subscription (Web Hosting/Reseller Hosting/Cloud Server/Dedicated Server). If you don't have, you can still get benefited by buying or upgrading a service on or before 15th May, 2021 .
  2. This is applicable for Existing customers only i.e. Clients who have active / inactive / terminated / cancelled service on or before 8th May 2021 .
  3. Reimbursed amount have certain limitations depending on your package . For more details please contact us by Live chat or send an email to vaccination@photonhosting.com
  4. Per vaccine fee is limited to $15 USD & Total amount could not be more than 5% of subscription amount.
  5. If you meet the criteria , please send vaccination certificate along with the payment receipt to vaccination@photonhosting.com
  6. Once your documents verified , we will credit the reimbursed amount to your clientarea fund . You can use it for upcoming bills or new purchases .Again thanks for using PhotonHosting.com

Friday, May 7, 2021

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