I do not have a credit card. How can I pay by CASH?

You can pay by CashU Pre-paid card. There are 3 steps in the process:-

STEP1 - Buy CashU Card

You can buy using CashU pre-paid cards from many shops. To find your nearest CashU reseller, click the link below and then select Country and then the City. You will see a list of resellers and shops. You can contact them to buy CashU Pre-paid Cards.


The following CashU Pre-paid cards are available

CashU 500 ($10) card
CashU 1500 ($30) card
CashU 2500 ($50) card
CashU 5000 ($100) card
For $20 you can buy two CashU 500 cards.

The Reseller will charge a little extra for the cards and you can pay in your local cash currency.

STEP2 - Add CashU Funds to your CashU Account

After buying the Card, you can create a simple CashU ‘Payment Account’ by registering on the CashU website. Then Add Funds to it by entering the coupon code on the pre-paid card.


STEP3 - Buy PhotonHosting Services using your CashU Account & Password

Then, on the checkout / invoice page, select CashU as payment method & proceed to checkout, when CashU page appeares and then enter your CashU account number and CashU password to make the payment .

You can also get assistance from live chat agents to complete the transaction .

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